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Difference b/n Physical Activity and Exercises

Difference between Physical Activity and Exercises, Why exercise is necessary?, क्या अंतर है शारीरिक गतिविधियों में और व्यायाम में, क्यों व्यायाम जरुरी है. 

There are many people who are confused with the term physical activities and exercises. Some think that if we work regularly then we will keep ourselves fit and fine, some think that if we perform exercise daily then there is no need to perform physical activities.  So it is necessary to understand the difference between exercises and physical activities. Only proper knowledge can change our lifestyle.

Whatever we perform to do our daily routine works like as movements, handling car, washing dishes, etc comes under physical activities which is not planned but is necessary to perform works.

But if we talk about exercises then we can say that in this we perform physical activities in a planned manner to boost our muscles power, body power, to burn calories more etc.

In exercise we repeat a same movement for some time to enhance stam…

Temper and Astrology Tips

Temper and astrology tips, how anger affects health.

Negative emotional feelings comes under temper which may be the result of frustration, weak mental power, fear etc. It is not at all good for health and status. Some times the person comes dangerous for himself or her self and sometimes person become harmful for others too. We can also say that uncontrolled emotional feelings which are harmful comes under temper.

Temper is also called Gussa, Krodh but it is not always harmful. If someone is using this to control any other negative mind then it is beneficial at that time but it comes under tricks.

We often see that some one throw there mobile in anger, some throw whatever in there hands when looses temper and after sometime they feel that they have done wrong. This not only bring financial loss but great health loss also happens. In this article we will see what research says about short tempered people.

Read about Health Yogas In Indian Astrology Let's see Impacts Of Short Temper…

Magical Panchgavya Benefits

What is pachgavya, what is the importance of panchgavya, how to get panch gavya, power of panch-gavya, astrology use of panch gavya, astrologer for health.

In Indian epics there are many descriptions available related to panchgavya. In every pooja it is preferred. It is a belief that panchgavya are the best source of healthy. But the most important thing is what is this panch gavya and how to get it and use it, so let's understand this.

The milk of cow, Curd of cow milk, Ghee of cow milk, Dung of cow, toilet of cow are know as 'PANCHGAVYA'. In our vedas and puran it is said that cow is able to heal any disease. The cow dung and toilet purify body where as cow milk, curd and ghee increase the strength of body.
These 5 things not only increase the immunity power of body but also used in treating many chronic diseases too.
Cow Milk: One of the best thing to increase the immunity system of body and also increase the strength of mind and body. It is also a belief that child mus…

Benefits Of Onion

Onion for power health, benefits of using Onion, Best use of Onion to live a healthy life, nutrition present in Onion, Tips for healthy life by medical astrologer, Astrology use of Onion.

A vegetable which is popular world wide and is used daily in meal. An amazing vegetable which is able to make our mind and body fit and fine, a very powerful vegetable which is able to protect our body from many type of health problems.

This vegetable is known as "ONION", in hindi it is called "Pyaaj, Kanda etc". It is very useful for every one and is a source of phyto-nutrients, natural antibiotic, make the immune system strong, protects from chronic diseases, control the cholesterol, control the blood pressure, enhances the stamina etc.

Onion Is used in different ways all around world like as-It is used in cooking to give taste and health to vegetable.It is used in salad and give taste to the user.In Summer days it is advised to keep an Onion in pocket which protect us from the …

Benefits of Mulethi

What is mulethi, where it is found, benefits of liquorice/mulethi, use of Licorice for good health.

Licorice or licorice is a special herb root which has medical importance and is for daily use. The hindi name of liquorice is "MULETHI". Glycyrrhiza glabra is the plant which root is known as mulethi. It has natural sweetness and is used in our home for natural treatment of throat problems, digestion, gas problems, ulcer, respiratory problem etc.

Let's see some use of Licorice:It is a very good alternative medicine of various health problems.It helps in healing the wounds in stomach if taken under guidance.It is very helpful in curing gastric ulcer and small intestine ulcer.It is also used during cough and cold.In case of cough take a piece of mulethi and suck it , it will show good result.It is good for skin problems too.It is also used to cure respiratory problems in ayurveda.Licorice is also used in constipation. If you are suffering from health problems and not getting…

Fitness Tips For Rainy Days

How To Take Care In Rainy Season, Monsoon care, natural ways to keep us fit and fine, read about free health tips for monsoon.

After a very hot weather when rainy season start then people enjoy the moments, When regular raining happens then many changes take place in environment and due to this there is need of taking great care. In this article focus is on how to maintain health in rainy days or during monsoon.
During monsoon sometimes it is impossible to get sunlight and different types of bacteria comes in existence and due to this different types of health problems arises in life like itching problem, eczema problem, fever, viral infections , beauty problems, digestion problems etc. So it is necessary to understand the reasons of problems and take precaution so as to live a healthy life in rainy days.  Free Tips To Maintain Good Health During Rainy Days:Don't use wet cloth in any case, it is generally seen that to enjoy the rain people just wander with wet cloth but it is not …

Erotomania- One Sided Love Problem

What is erotomania?, Problems with one sided love, how to deal with this, Astrologer for solutions of problems.

One sided love is one of the biggest problems which take place at younger age and many youngsters suffer from this. This may take place in college, in office and in society where we live. Very few of us know that – One sided love is very dangerous for health This problem is known as ‘Erotomania’ and is not good for mental health. Some people enter in depression zone due to this, some take negative step in life; some suffers from other health problems due to this.

Understand one sided Love Problems: It is a special type of disease in which person lives in delusion of some kind. And because of this many types of problems arises in life. The person start thinking that whom he or she love is also in love with him or her. Because of this sometimes person show odd behavior in public places too. In severe cases this type of person also does crime unknowingly. So it is very necessa…

Which Planets Are Responsible For Illness?

Which Planets Are Responsible For Illness, Know the impact of malefic stars on health and treatment through astrology.

It is not unusual if any astrologer predicts the diseases just by reading the horoscope, it is not impossible to find the remedies of any disease just by analyzing the horoscope. As per astrology every house of kundli or birth chart represent some specific organ of body and every planet also represent specific organ of the body. So by studying the positions of planets in a specific house it is possible to predict disease and after that it is also possible to cure it by using different ways of occult science.
Let's have a look on organs and the related planets with some diseases:

Enter keyword to search
#PlanetRelations with1SunRight eye, Blood circulation, Spinal Cord etc 2MoonLeft eye, Uterus, Stomach, kidneys, cough and cold, pneumonia, mental problems, internal organs3Marspiles, hemorrhage, blood pressure, allergies, burns, cuts, accidents, suicidal thinking 4Me…

Beauty And Health Astrology

What we need for beauty and health, Use of astrology in maintaining good healthy and happy life.

Balance Food Is necessary to have Attractive body
Due to continuous work and changing environment our body needs different types of nutrition but we generally not aware of them. These nutrition not only makes us healthy and strong but also keeps us beautiful, handsome and smart. These are the needs of bones, muscles, skins etc. So here in this article I am going to focus on some important nutrients which are needed by everyone to live a happy, healthy and comfortable life. With focusing on diet if proper steps of astrology is adopted then no doubt we can get result very soon.

Vitamin C: It is very necessary to make our immunity power strong. It is a very good antioxidant and keeps the cells strong and healthy. Tightness in skin is also possible by vitamin C. So for beauty it is necessary to take at least 75 milligram vitamin C daily. Sources of Vitamin C are- Lemon, Mausambi, orange, strawbe…

Toxins In Body And Astrology

How toxins affect our body, how we accumulate poison in our body, Tips for healthy life, Astrologer for health Problems Remedies.
Toxins are the root cause of every health related problems in life. There are many ways through which we accumulate poison in our body and due to this different types of diseases arises like as constipation, migraine, allergies, breathing problem, memory loss, obesity, pains in body parts, diarrhea etc.  If proper steps are not taken at right time then these toxins becomes responsible for CHRONIC DISEASES which sometimes leads to death.

Not only this person suffers from health loss also suffer from financial loss too. In this article we will see some reasons of problems in life and also how astrology is helpful in living successful life.
Do you know that in alternative medicine first of all process to detoxify the body is done to cure the person from root.
In acupressure and acupuncture pressure is applied to detoxify the body. What are TOXINS? Harmful chem…

Gupt Rog Problems Astrology Solutions

Gupt Rog Problems Astrology Solutions There are some private issues for which we don’t want to discuss with anyone because of shame and thinking about what others will think by listening this. Gupt rog comes under this category which is a very personal problem related with personal organs. 
Male or female anyone can suffer from this problem but the main thing about this which must be kept in mind is that this is not an issue to hide, you must discuss this with your consultant openly otherwise it can take you in depression. 
Through astrology we can also treat these problems here astrologer check which planets are creating problem in personal organs and then provide remedies.  What is Gupt- Rog? Diseases related with our sex-organs comes in this category and we call in gupt because generally no body wants to talk about his matter and want to hide this and so it is taken as “gupt rog”.
How Sex-organs illnesses affect life?Because of this person is unable to enjoy married life. Due to th…

How To Cure Diseases Through Astrology?

How To Cure Diseases Through Astrology Powerful Ways To Cure Diseases

A problem which is faced by generally everyone in this life and i.e. diseases time to time. No one want to trap by any health problem because it just make our life hell. So we can call it a CURSE. Illness is a special state due to which mentally and physically we suffered a lot. If proper treatment is not taken at right time then any small disease convert into chronic. So it is necessary to take proper step always to keep us fit and fine.  In Astrology also there are methods to treat any illness, physical or mental problems. Here first of all horoscope is analyzed to know which planets, stars are responsible for the diseases and then proper remedies which includes Gems stone remedies, rituals/Pooja of related planet etc are used to cure patient. So medical astrology is also very popular world wide, only an experienced astrologer can guide a person better who is suffering from chronic diseases.

 Astro-Science is read…

Diet As per Blood Group And Astrology Food

Diet As per Blood Group And Astrology Food This is a very important concept but very few persons know about this that if food is taken as per blood group then it is also very beneficial to live a healthy life. Consultants also agreed with this concept to take food as per blood group. There are different types of blood groups available in people , some foods are beneficial for  'O' group, some foods are good for 'AB' group, some are good for A group and some are good for B group.

Let’s see this concept in Details:Types of Blood Group : Blood groups are divided into 4 categories
'O' – It is good that these people take rick protein diet but do take care while taking milk, if this cause constipation then do avoid it. 'A' – It is good to avoid non-veg if you belong to ‘A’ group. Do take green vegetables, cereals, beans, fruits, dry-fruits as much as you can. 'B' – This group people can take anything but do avoid packed item, cauliflower, mustard, ma…

What is Internet Addiction Disorder

What is Internet Addiction Disorder?, Astrology solutions of health Issues.
People are suffering from many types of addiction in this world but in this digital world or we can say the world of internet , a new type of addiction came in existence and that is the internet addiction. Generally youth are suffering form the internet addiction disorder in this digital era. Now it has become necessity to take steps to overcome from this problem before it may show it's dangerous effects to the whole society.

Excess use of internet to pass time is called Internet addiction disorder. This addiction increases when user starts using the gaming sites, pornography sites, social networking sites blogging sites etc.

How we can know about Internet Addiction Disorder:If any person is working online 5 to 10 Hours daily and leaving job makes him or her angry then it means the person is addicted.If male or female is crazy about his or her mobile, laptop or computer then this is also sign of problem.If…