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Difference b/n Physical Activity and Exercises

Difference between Physical Activity and Exercises, Why exercise is necessary?, क्या अंतर है शारीरिक गतिविधियों में और व्यायाम में, क्यों व्यायाम जरुरी है. 

There are many people who are confused with the term physical activities and exercises. Some think that if we work regularly then we will keep ourselves fit and fine, some think that if we perform exercise daily then there is no need to perform physical activities.  So it is necessary to understand the difference between exercises and physical activities. Only proper knowledge can change our lifestyle.

Whatever we perform to do our daily routine works like as movements, handling car, washing dishes, etc comes under physical activities which is not planned but is necessary to perform works.

But if we talk about exercises then we can say that in this we perform physical activities in a planned manner to boost our muscles power, body power, to burn calories more etc.

In exercise we repeat a same movement for some time to enhance stam…

Beauty And Health Astrology

What we need for beauty and health, Use of astrology in maintaining good healthy and happy life.

Balance Food Is necessary to have Attractive body

Due to continuous work and changing environment our body needs different types of nutrition but we generally not aware of them. These nutrition not only makes us healthy and strong but also keeps us beautiful, handsome and smart. These are the needs of bones, muscles, skins etc. So here in this article I am going to focus on some important nutrients which are needed by everyone to live a happy, healthy and comfortable life. With focusing on diet if proper steps of astrology is adopted then no doubt we can get result very soon.
how to enhance beauty through astrology
Beauty And Health Astrology

  1. Vitamin C: It is very necessary to make our immunity power strong. It is a very good antioxidant and keeps the cells strong and healthy. Tightness in skin is also possible by vitamin C. So for beauty it is necessary to take at least 75 milligram vitamin C daily. Sources of Vitamin C are- Lemon, Mausambi, orange, strawberry etc. 
  2. Folic Acid: It is very important for brain development and at the time of pregnancy females needs it for the best development of baby brain. In general also this is very necessary for everyone to develop a good brain power and to become more creative. Sources of Folic acid are green vegetables.
  3. Iron: This is again a important thing for body. In the absence of iron person become tired easily, unable to focus mind, unable to take a healthy sleep. Iron is necessary to supply oxygen in every organ of the body. So it is necessary to maintain the need of iron in body by proper food. Main sources of iron are Rajma, spinach, apple etc.
  4. Calcium: If we want to keep our bones and teeth strong and healthy then calcium is the most needed nutrients. With the increase of age its need become necessary. So don't avoid calcium sources in meal. Sources of calcium are- Milk, curd, cheese, spinach, almond etc.
  5. Fiber: The most important thing for proper digestion is fiber. It saves us from many diseases and also keeps us active. It also protects from heart problems, cancer, type 2 diabetes etc. Main sources of fiber are - fruits, vegetables, raw cereals, Bajraa.
  6. Vitamin E: A powerful antioxidant which is available in oil, dry fruits is vitamin e. It exits free radicals from body and protects us from UV rays, air pollution. It increases the immunity power of body. vitamin E is available in Almond, nut, sunflower seeds, raw cereals etc. 
  7. Omega 3 Fatty Acids: This is a very good fat and reduces the blood pressure. It also increases the immunity power of body and protects from heart diseases, cancer etc. Best sources of omega 3 are Alsi, akhrot, beans etc. 
  8. Potassium: It is necessary to keep the contraction and expansion power of muscles also makes the bones strong. It gives energy and also protects from heart problems, maintain the blood pressure. Main sources of potassium are fat free yogurt, sweet potato, spinach etc. 
  9. Magnesium: It is also an important nutrition for body and makes the muscles and bones strong. It protects from heart disease and bones problems. Main sources are pumpkin seeds, spinach, almonds etc.

Astrology Ways to maintain Good health:

Here we study the planets in the horoscope and find out which planets are arising problem and affecting beauty then as per that gems stones are recommended and also fast and spells are recommended which help in balancing the energy in body and thus help in enhancing beauty.  For Example the impact of ascendant is more on our face and so if there is impact of any malefic planet on our ascendant or first house then proper remedy is needed to reduce the ill effects which in result change our personality positively. 
So after knowing about important nutrients and astrology, it is necessary to take healthy food daily and to consult an experienced ASTROLOGER.

What we need for beauty and health, Use of astrology in maintaining good healthy and happy life. 


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