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Impacts Of SODA Drinks On Health

What is soda, Secret of healthy life, how we intake soda and what are the impacts on us , Health problems arises due to soda drinks, Disadvantages of carbonated drinks.

We all want to live a happy life, a disease free life. We also want to stop our medical expenses, we also want a healthy skin, beautiful face, slim body but it is not happening due to our own unwanted habits. It is very necessary to understand some important things before adopting healthy ways.
Until we know about the results of our bad habits we are not able to leave it any how. And in this related subject in this article we are going to know about very important thing which we use in normal day to day life in abundant.

Here I am talking about Soda drinks, which is not away from the cold drinks. Secret Of Healthy Mind and Body: We all know that oxygen is necessary for all of us to live and because of this god has made our body in such a way that we keep oxygen from the air and exhale carbon-dioxide from the body. In y…

Sandalwood For Beauty And Success

Sandalwood Uses For Beauty And Success, Healthy and beauty through chandan.

We all aware of sandalwood, in hindi sandalwood is called "chandan". Because of its qualities and power it is very famous world wide and great demand is there. Due to lack of availability it is expensive too.
beauty tips of sandalwood
Sandalwood For Beauty And Success

What is Sandalwood?

There is a tree of chandan and inside the stem original and healthy sandal is present which is very beneficial and healthy for all. It is cool in nature and so is very beneficial for the persons who have problem of heat. Because of it's aromatic qualities it is also very popular, the fragrance of original sandalwood is very decent and is liked by all. Chandan is used in worship, rituals, to make itar, dhoop, making medicines, making beauty products, oil etc.
Here in this article I am going to present some important and easy uses of Sandalwood. Every one can get beauty, health and wealth by using Sandalwood.

Read about beauty and health Astrology

Let's See Some Best and Easy Use of Sandal:

  1. Are you suffering from Acne problem then don't worry do this- Take half spoon turmeric powder, 1 spoon sandalwood powder and make paste with rose water. Now use this paste on your face and keep it for 15 to 20 minutes. You will feel fresh and by regular use you can over come from acne and also you will find increase in beauty.
  2. If any one is having sun burn and because of that skin becomes black then don't worry, do this- take 2 spoon almond oil, 5 spoon coconut oil and 4 spoon sandalwood powder. Now make paste and use it. You will find good changes in skin within some time.
  3. If anyone is having headache problem due to hot or having burning sensation in eyes or in any body parts then also sandalwood is very useful. Make paste of saffron and sandalwood and use this paste on forehead regularly. You will get good results.
  4. If before bathing anyone use sandalwood paste on whole body then it free the body from any type of smell and also make the skin smooth, It is also helpful in removing many skin diseases.
  5. If anyone is having itching problem in any part of body then do this- take 1 spoon of lemon juice and sandalwood powder and turmeric powder, make paste and use it affected area. This is the natural way to over come from itching problems.
  6. Research also shows that the dot of sandalwood on forehead calm the mind and also enhances mind power so it is good to use chandan daily.
  7. Spiritual practitioners also use this chandan to enhance there practices. It control the heat which is generated during the practices.
  8. Chandan sticks are also used in holy fire/hawan to please divine powers.
  9. As per astrology if it is kept in safe then attract prosperity.

So if any one want health, wealth and prosperity then it is good to use sandalwood properly, but use the original sandalwood, use real sandalwood oil, real chandan itar to get the best results.

चन्दन के गुण, फायदे और प्रयोग हिंदी में

Sandalwood Uses For Beauty And Success, What is sandalwood, Healthy and beauty through Sandalwood, Astrologer for health astrology.


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