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Difference b/n Physical Activity and Exercises

Difference between Physical Activity and Exercises, Why exercise is necessary?, क्या अंतर है शारीरिक गतिविधियों में और व्यायाम में, क्यों व्यायाम जरुरी है. 

There are many people who are confused with the term physical activities and exercises. Some think that if we work regularly then we will keep ourselves fit and fine, some think that if we perform exercise daily then there is no need to perform physical activities.  So it is necessary to understand the difference between exercises and physical activities. Only proper knowledge can change our lifestyle.

Whatever we perform to do our daily routine works like as movements, handling car, washing dishes, etc comes under physical activities which is not planned but is necessary to perform works.

But if we talk about exercises then we can say that in this we perform physical activities in a planned manner to boost our muscles power, body power, to burn calories more etc.

In exercise we repeat a same movement for some time to enhance stam…

Navagrah Relations With Diseases

Navagrah Relations with Diseases, Diseases due to malefic planets, which planet is responsible for illness.

As per astrology behind any problem there is impact of planets and so astrologer always study horoscope to find the solutions of any problem. If anyone is suffering from any type of disease and not finding anyway to overcome from it then it is good to consult astrologer for solutions because it is possible that any malefic planet is generating health issues.  Let's See Some Diseases and Related Malefic Planet: If sun planet is getting malefic then it is possible that person may suffer with heart problem, eyes problem, stomach problem, monetary loss, debt, false allegation, dishonor etc. If Moon planet become malefic in horoscope then person may suffer from mental illness, unwanted thoughts, lungs disease, weakness, money problem, blood related problems etc. If Mars planet become malefic in kundli then person may suffer from lack of strength, lack of will power, fever, acne, t…

Astro Remedies of Cold Fever and Headache

Astro Remedies of Cold Fever and Headache, Reasons of regular health issues, Headache or Migraine Reasons and Remedies through astrology, Astrologer for health problems and solutions. Cold Fever Symptoms and Reasons of Cold Fever: This is a fever when come shows the symptoms of shivering with very high fever. This is actually a dangerous form of malaria The main reason of this disease is not taking the treatment of malaria properly. Another reason of this problem is lack of hemoglobin in the body. In spite of this cold fever also seen as a initial symptoms in the diseases like cancer, ads, T.B etc. It is better to take proper remedy soon. Astrology Reasons of Cold Fever: If the moon or lagna is weak in any horoscope, kundli or birth chart then there is a very chance that the person will affected from this disease. The malefic effect of sun and Mars also create environment to have this cold fever disease. Jupiter in 6th, 8th and 12th house is also responsible to generate this type of d…